Zerona is a great way to get rid of wrinkles.

One of the best ways on the market to get rid of wrinkles is through the use of a product called zerona.  It is a product that has been around for many years and is continually used and asked for in spas and salons.  There is a local place called Laser Magic Now that has a number of clients relying on zerona.

This is not something that I have ever used and that is mostly because I am new to this whole thing.  I think that I would first and foremost like to use something that would allow for me to get all of my wrinkles out before they start.  What I would really like to do is come up with a sunscreen or something like that that I can put on my face that would allow for me to not get wrinkles at all.  I think that that would be the coolest thing on the market and it is definitely something that I would be looking to buy.  Nevertheless, I do not think that that yet exists so we are in the position of having to be a bit reactive with how we try to look younger.  Fear not though because there are products like onychomycosis that are available.  I honestly do not know the first thing about this product, but I understand that it is something that has been around for a long time and as a result, I think that it probably works pretty well.

brazilian waxingThe other product that has been around for a very long time is botox.  Botox is something that everyone has heard of because of all of the bad press around it.  However, I have to say that although there have been some bad things written, it is actually a very safe product that a lot of people enjoy.  I know that I would be willing to get something like that should I be looking to stay younger.  The great thing about botox is that it lasts a long time.  My understanding is that the product can be applied to your face and then you have the opportunity to have it fill in the wrinkles there an on your lips.  It makes you look younger because it takes away all of the imperfections that may make you look older.  Right now, I am only 25 years old, so I do not think that I will have to do something like that any time soon.

I feel very fortunate to be able to live in a state where there are a ton of young people and that allows for me to be very active and yet get all of my stuff done.  It is a community in which people work to live and not the other way around.  That is why I really like to live in the community that we do now.  One thing that I would like to do though is move around at some point.  It would be very interesting to live elsewhere.

Rug and upholstery cleaning before the summer

Every year, we try to do a deep clean on our house before the summer hits and then again before the holidays. For us, that means that we work on all the maintenance projects that have been stacking up, and we get them done before the really busy seasons happen to us. The summer is always a really busy time, and we don’t have much time at home or much time for completing projects. stain removalSo, before the full summer really hits us, we will sit down and make a list of all the things that need to be taken care of around the house. The upholstery cleaning and the rug cleaning are always on the list, and sometimes we even add stain removal to those items as well. We like to have clean carpets, and we like to have the furniture cleaned as well. This is good to have done before we have family in town for the holidays, and also before we are too busy in the summer time. We have one company that we have always used because they have been so great in the past, All-Brite Chem-Dry. I like to use them because they don’t use the same harmful chemicals that many of the other companies use, and instead they have developed a different way to clean furniture that does not use that much water. Using a high volume of water on rugs or upholstery can actually damage the stuffing inside the chair or the fiber that makes up the rug. It is not good to get these things wet, and so a cleaning company that uses steam instead of water will work better on these items.

We usually have them do the carpeting in the basement and the bedrooms as well, but not always. Sometimes they are not nearly as stained as other times, or just not as dirty. It depends on how much traffic a room may get over the months in between cleanings, but we always do the rugs and the upholstery. Those things need to be cleaned on a regular basis so that they do not accumulate stains and become more difficult to fix or get clean. It takes a lot to get some of the stains on the rugs out, and we don’t want those stains to sit in the fabric for any longer than is really necessary. That is why those are the two things that are always on our cleaning list. We have other rotating maintenance that happens as well, like replacing trim that is getting worn, or painting a wall in one room if it has gotten dirty or dingy. But the upholstery always needs to be cleaned, as to the rugs. So those things don’t ever cycle off the list of cleaning that we do before the times get really busy. We will add and take off the carpet cleaning, depending on the season and our need, but the upholstery always needs to be looked after and taken care of.

Handmade Jewelry Has All of the Elegance You Need

sterling silver jewelry

Have you ever thought about the ideal combination of style and elegance whenever you’re getting ready for a night out on the town?  There can be a lot of ways to impress those around you.  There are plenty of style options, as you can choose from your wide variety of clothing in your wardrobe, and you can even accessorize with shoes and all kinds of makeup as well!  Even with all of the combinations of clothing styles available to you before you go out with your friends, sometimes you need that special finishing touch on your outfit to really stand out from the crowd.  You might be thinking that you need that extra touch by adding more clothing, but a far more simple and effective way is to compliment the rest of your outfit with some stunning jewelry!  And remember, not just any jewelry will cut it, so if you really want to stand out from the crowd, make it a point to find the best kind of handmade jewelry you can find!

While jewelry that is mass produced can still compliment an outfit, it won’t have the same amount of flair and individual power that can come from that of a handmade jewelry item.  For example, some people might overlook a simple hoop earring, but if you are wearing a set of custom handmade earrings, there is a very strong chance others will notice their detailed and specifically crafted construction.  With that in mind, it can make a perfect addition to your current outfit, all while standing out on its own, and it can even become a very special conversation starter!  Even with that added benefit, there are plenty of other reasons to get a custom, one of a kind set of sterling silver jewelry.


Once again, imagine going to a chain retail outlet whenever you are looking for a set of jewelry.  There is a very strong likelihood that most of their offerings are going to look like the rest of the jewelry you already own, and that certainly won’t benefit your overall variety of your wardrobe!  With a custom made piece of sterling silver jewelry, you’ll always have a certain niche to fill each and every time you’re looking for a new piece of jewelry, and you will soon see that since each piece is uniquely crafted, there are infinite possibilities to compliment your wardrobe!


While you might be thinking that custom made jewelry will cost you an arm and a leg, simply because of the fact it is hand made by a person, the fact of the matter is that custom made jewelry, like sterling silver bracelets, can still remain low in cost, simply because the products and materials are not constantly sourced and passed along different vendors.  Because of that, the savings are passed on to you, the buyer, and it still keeps the price of the final piece at a more than reasonable rate.  So if you’re looking for the perfect addition of elegance to your wardrobe, and you also like to save money, make it a point to shop locally for handmade jewelry.

My real estate agent is successful because of her marketing.

One of the things with which I am very impressed with, in the city of Denver, is that the growth here has just taken off in recent years.  Just in the past couple of days, there have been announcements of new construction downtown of buildings that will be 15, 40, and 25 stories high.  These are major construction projects and they are occurring because of the brisk pace of development in the city.  Through this time, Denver has been one of the leaders in relocation in the country.  People can’t stop moving here and as a result, more and more people are going to keep on coming to the city.  While I do have some fear about the city becoming too big – traffic is already a mess when you are trying to level work at a normal time – I think that the city will do magnificently in the future.  This also makes me optimistic about the people in the real estate industry.  With more and more people moving here, the more housing prices are going to go up and the more transactions will be occurring with new property.  I know from a first hand experience last summer that it is vital for a real estate agent to be just about everywhere at once.  My real estate agent did a great job of this and as a result, I would not hesitate to recommend her to other people.  In my mind, the best kind of marketing for those in the real estate industry is word of mouth.

real estate web designThrough the word of mouth, agents can quickly gain access to someone’s friend group and find out more about opportunities to buy and sell.  This is something that I see again and again in both the personal and professional worlds. Nevertheless, this is not always something that real estate agents can tap into and as a result, many of them must come up with creative ways to market themselves.  One such way is by sending out a mailer.  I received one recently and I think that the lady did a great job of making sure that people would count on her.  She listed some of the properties in the area that were coming up for sale and also had some tips on the back of the piece, which listed the things to be careful of in real estate.  Agents can also market themselves through the utilization of a SEO firm to list their real estate holdings.  This allows for their listings to be at the top of many of the searches and creates the opportunity for a quicker sale. I have been very impressed when I have seen this kind of thing in action before.

The other thing that agents can do, and I think that this is something that agents should do regardless, is to have a well designed real estate web page in which an agent can share their thoughts and feelings about all of the different properties they are listing.  It humanizes them and features the properties more prominently.

Getting your teeth whitened will change your smile

If you check out the toothpaste selection at any store there are barely one or two toothpastes out there that are not trying to get into this huge push for the most possible whitening power. Every toothpaste claims that they have the best and most advanced formula and claim that this toothpaste will make your teeth immensely whiter in no time. A number of these toothpastes do work to different degrees and of course they will work better for some people than they will for others. Sometimes if your teeth have become quite colored it might seem that no amount of fancy whitening toothpaste will ever do the trick. Or for some people the teeth whitening toothpaste works alright but they feel that the color that is produced from all of the chemicals is not very natural looking which doesn’t make your smile look or feel any nicer.
For situations like this it is probably better to go to our family dentist for a professional teeth whitening and then after you get your teeth whitened the hard core way you can take steps to make sure that your teeth stay white and beautiful for a long time to come.

dentistDifferent cosmetic dentists and family dentists will have different methods to whiten your teeth and if you do not have a normal family dentist that you would prefer to go to it is probably a good idea to research a few of the teeth whitening processes and then find a dentist that specializes in that particular process. Most of the time thought the teeth whitening process is done by putting a special paste on your teeth and then a special light is used on the gel to activate the process of whitening your teeth. It is usually done rather quickly and since it is only this paste and a light there is no pain or anything that you have to worry about.

Some people worry that getting your teeth whitened can be rather expensive and that is a perfectly valid concern. Since teeth whitening is an elective process many insurance plans will not cover the procedure. Different dentists will have varying costs but generally I would guess that for a professional teeth whitening process you are probably looking at between four and seven hundred dollars. It can seem like a lot but hopefully this is a process you will only have to do once, maybe twice in your lifetime if you make sure and take care of your teeth. A lot of people also choose to have their teeth whitened for a special occasion such as a wedding. That way it is still a costly procedure but at least you have a pretty good excuse to look your best and then for years to come you have the added benefit of having a bright and beautiful smile to show off to the whole world. The key is to take care of your new smile after you get your teeth whitened so that you can really make the most of your purchase. 



I can ask my son to take out the garbage five or six times and the best case scenario that he just ignores me, worst case scenario, he will get angry and start hurling insults at me about what a mean guy I am and how I treat him like a slave and how much he wishes he could go live with his mother. When I was a young man, if my father asked me to do something I moved so fast, you would have sworn I had just sat on a hot poker. Then there is my daughter, she is the older one and I could really use her help around the house since her mother left and I have to work two jobs and raise two kids. My daughter however, is not what you would call a diligent and loving daughter. I might ask her to help me with the simplest task, like taking Tom, my son to school because I am late for work and if I show up just one more time tardy I am going to be in real trouble. Asking your daughter to drive the car you bought her six blocks to help out the family is not that bad right? My girl usual responses with, “Why don’t you do it yourself?” I can try and explain to her that I need a little help but that is when she puts her earphones in and goes back to her magazine or stands up and tells me she is going to her boy friend’s house. There is one place however that always treats me right and that is down at my Perth vacate cleaning office.

It is strange that I am treated better at a Perth bond cleaning office than in my own house but that is just the way things are. The people at the cleaning service are friendly and courteous to me at all times. The cleaners always make eye contact when they talk to me. I have never had one of their workers tell me that they wished I were dead or that I should win the prize for the worst father of the year. The people in the cleaning service in general, are very nice and understanding. The last year when we moved from Fremantle, I called up the Fremantle builders cleaning office and told them that I needed their services because I was moving to a new city. They treated me great, they gave me an appointment and they showed up right on time. When I tell my daughter that she has to be home by 10 o’clock she doesn’t pay much attention and I sometimes get stuck waiting up for her until 3 or 4 in the morning but not with the cleaning service, they come just when they say they are going to. I think I am going to have a little talk with my kids tonight and ask them if they can treat me a little bit more like my cleaning service does.

Thai massage classes are everywhere in Denver.

One of the things that I really like about Denver is its growing size.  I guess that I should start from the beginning.  I was born in Denver, but raised in Fort Collins because of the grittiness of the city.  It was not a place that my parents wanted me to grow up.  So we left and I was raised in a great city and had an amazing childhood.  It was a little different for me because I was an only child, but for the most part, I really enjoyed being  able to do just about everything that I wanted to do.  My favorite part about growing up in Fort Collins was the fact that I could do just about every outdoor activity imaginable.  Nevertheless, when I would think about Denver, I would always think of it as a place that was kind of an ugly industrial city.  Then I went to school there and that entire perception of the city changed.  I swell with Denver pride as I write this.

deon thai massageDenver is now a great city that is growing and improving.  It seems like each step of the way we are able to add something new and interesting to the city.  One of the best things to come to the city recently is a massage training center called Deon Thai Massage.  This place is great because you can go there and get a cheap massage because all of the people performing them are training, so it is quite a discount.  I am not sure if you are familiar with Thai massage, but essentially it is something that allows for you to be put in different yoga poses so that you can be stretched out.  It’s a great way for you to have an excellent massage in a very comfortable setting.  My favorite thing about Thai yoga massage is that it allows for me to become more flexible.  Flexibility is very important to me and I appreciate how it allows for me to fully achieve all of my athletic potential.  This is not something that would be able to do without trying hard to become even more flexible.  I also really like the classes.

One of the things about the house in which I am living right now that I enjoy is the fact that I am super close to a yoga studio in which I can get a great thai yoga training class.  It’s an added benefit that I am able to do it a couple of times a week and I am actually heading there as soon as I finish doing this kind of work.  I am very much looking forward to doing that soon.  My dog is currently driving me nuts, so being able to go to the gym for a quick release is nice.  I hope to be able to do this very soon.  I wonder when my girlfriend will call me back, so that I can go to the gym and get everything done as I would like to get it done.


Cannabis deals are everywhere in Denver and Colorado.

The ability to go out and buy a dime bag has changed quite a bit in the past couple of years for Coloradans.  Since the passage of Amendment 64, there have been a number of dispensaries to open up in Denver and elsewhere in the state.  Although, I do have to say, that the most have opened up in Denver and Denver continues to be a leader in this movement.  Nevertheless, the thing about being able to buy and sell weed legally is that for so long it was a clandestine operation.  You never knew if you were going to get good stuff or bad stuff and it all depended on the person you were reaching out to. Now, you have shops in which you can get a hundred different kinds that all have a different kind of effect on your body.  I am not familiar with most of them, but I am sure that if you were to look them up, they would all be a different, distinct flavor or whatever.  To be totally honest, I have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to pot.  I generally do not partake in the substance and as a result, I try to stray away from even thinking about it.

marijuana dealsAnother marked departure from the days of buying your weed from the guy that dropped out of high school is that you can now get quite a fewdeals on the marijuana that you’re buying. It is a great opportunity to save a little bit of money and still get the product for which you are looking.  A number of stores are starting to offer these deals as an opportunity to invite their customers to develop a stronger loyalty to the store and following.  It makes a lot of sense because at a certain point in time a couple of years ago, there were more medical marijuana shops in Denver than Starbucks.  Now that many of these stores have deals, you can simply download a phone application for marijuana and find some deals that are close to you and in your neighborhood.  It makes a ton of sense to me and I hope to be able to do something along those lines, if I ever felt the need to go out and buy weed.  I don’t necessarily see that happening for any reason other than novelty.  Nevertheless, it is nice to know that if I did want to go out, those options exist.

Now, all I have to do is figure out what I would buy because I am pretty sure that there are a number of other things that I would rather buy than weed.  In fact, I just bought a vacuum that I am pretty happy with and I am thrilled to finally be able to clean my place a little bit more thoroughly than I have in year’s past.  Still, I now have the ability to get deals on my cannabis, which is great for me.


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General Steel will help you make sure your steel building is up to code.

One of the most frustrating things about purchasing or remodeling a building is getting the correct permits.  After you have all of the permits, you have to deliver on the building itself.  This means ensuring that the building is up to all local codes and regulations.  Depending on where you live in the country, building codes will differ.  For different types of buildings, there are different types of codes.  Steel buildings have codes they have to follow as wellNothing is exempt.

When you are purchasing a prefabricated steel building, it is important to ensure that you are buying from a company that understands the different local codes and regulations.  For prefabricated metal buildings, that company is General Steel.  They have an entire section of their website that is dedicated to local codes and regulations.  You can be sure that General Steel will help you get your building to code because they offer project coordinators.  Project coordinators are people who will come out to the location of your building and see the project through, from start to finish.  Rather than dealing with a  company that just drops the building off and says ‘good luck’, General Steel project coordinators will be there when the building gets dropped off, and they will be there when it is properly placed.  They understand the local codes and regulations, and they will make sure the building is good to go before they leave.

Many suppliers of metal buildings have terrible customer relations.  They do not help you with the buying process and they are even worse once you have purchased their product.  This isn’t the case with General Steel.  They answer their phone and they have a wonderful customer service line.  They work with some of the largest companies and governments in the world, as well as with private landowners and ordinary people like myself.  They know their customers are the most important part of any business, and they are there to help you.  If, after the building has been installed, you learn that one or two codes or regulations have been violated, they will be there quickly to help you sort everything out.  They will not leave you out to dry like so many companies do nowadays.  General Steel is always available to help you with any questions you might have.

Rather than getting stuck with a company that just wants to supply you the steel building you are looking for and never speak with you again, General Steel wants to be involved in the entire process.  Why would you choose any other company?  General Steel offers people that are at your hands to ensure your building is installed correctly and legally.  Check out their website for a free estimate on the products they have to offer, and get to work with them as soon as you can on your new steel building.  Don’t get left behind by another company.  Make the easy choice and check out their website or shoot them an email.

How We Decided Between a Built-on Roof and a Custom Awning

Last summer my husband, along with his father and one of his brothers, built a beautiful new deck onto the front of our house.  It was firstly a great bonding experience between the men.  I don’t understand how or why they truly love building things together but they do.  Even when they bicker and fight about which way is the right way to do things they love it.  So a wonderful few days were spent together building a deck and drinking a good amount of cold beer along the way.

custom awningsOnce we treated and stained the deck and finished it off with some planters and a welcome mat it was absolutely beautiful.  It added a lot to the front of our home because now we had a place to swing and watch the neighbors water their lawns and walk their dogs.  It’s a suburban dream.  The only thing that it was missing was a roof.  The men decided against building a awning with the deck because it would have changed the legality of the situation.  We would have had to apply for a building permit, which takes a lot of money and waiting, if we were to build an adjoining structure with a roof to our house.

I was bummed that we wouldn’t have shade on the deck, especially since the last few summers have been such scorchers.  What we could do, however, was have a custom built awning installed that practically looks just like the roof that we would have built, but much lighter and just as good at providing shade when needed.  When you can find the right company to do it, professionally built and installed awnings look amazing.  Some are so sturdy and built in harmony with the structure that they look like wooden or metal roofs that have been there since the house was built.  And because they can be custom, they will fit exactly to the size and shape of your house or whatever you are building an awning on to.

We hired Rodgers Awnings to design and build a unique awning that wouldn’t distract from the beauty of the deck but would look sleek, modern, and would provide the perfect amount of cover that we wanted.  They gave us a lot of ideas and also listened to our input before designing and installing the final product.  We were almost overwhelmed with the choices we didn’t realize we would have to make, as far as material, positioning, and style of the awning.  But we were guided through the process and found something we loved and would love for a while.  And because we also wanted the plants to get some sunshine during the day, we decided to have them design a custom retractable awning rather than a permanent one.  The movement of the awning allows us to adjust the amount of sun our deck gets at different times during the day so that the plants get enough sun and we don’t get too much.

We definitely made the right choice in going with an awning instead of a built-on roof for our deck.  It was more cost effective and will look great with less maintenance for a long time.