A Few Different Kinds of Oral Surgery

One of the procedures done to help effectively treat a number of different dental problems is Oral Surgery. When one is suffering from a dental problem affecting the tooth and jaw, you can expect them to be in some discomfort or experience a significant amount of paint. Sometimes the pain can get so bad that you feel helpless. People who are experiencing any type of dental problem should immediately seek help from a dental professional.

Problems that are quite grieve especially ones that can badly affect the bones and even result in tooth loss and brings the person to a lot of pain is most likely to be solves using oral surgery. Once a problem has gotten to the point where it threatens the bone or gum health of the person, they must undergo surgery. Today, we are going to talk about a few kinds of oral surgery that are aimed at solving a number of different dental problems.

Oral Surgeon

dental implant

1.) Impacted Teeth – This kind of oral surgery aims to solve problems with teeth that are impacted which is very common with people who have their wisdom teeth developing. In this type of problem, the tooth doesn’t surface completely or doesn’t even surface at all and pushes towards others directions most often towards another tooth which can cause a lot of pain and discomfort and lead to gum infection. Oral surgeons are aimed at removing any impacted tooth in the patient making sure he is free of pain and discomfort.

2.) Dental Implants – When a person is missing a tooth or some teeth, Dental Implants are the solution. In this surgical procedure, metal implants made from titanium and other metal is being attached into the jawbone of the person. This will serve as the support or foundation for the replacement artificial tooth that is to be attached. Dental implants are quite durable and in ways better that other tooth replacement solutions as the post is essentially fused to the bone making it permanent.

3.) Jaws that are injured or diseased – Jaws that have conditions like unequal growth should be treated with oral surgery in order to position it properly. Any form of damage to the jaw bone or any disease affecting it can get worse over time and be bad for one’s oral health. Problems with the jaw can result in the person having a difficulty speaking or eating. In these situations it is important that the jawbone is properly treated in order to prevent any future complications.

4.) Extraction of Tooth – By far tooth extraction is probably the most common type of Oral Surgery there is. The need for a tooth to be extracted may be due to the tooth being infected or it has become a nuisance and is badly affecting other adjacent teeth with its positioning. Other than extracting or removing the tooth entirely, the person can opt to get a root canal by simply having the infected part removed or undergo tooth restoration allowing the tooth to be cared for and return to a healthy state.