A Few Different Ways on How Cosmetic Dentistry Improves your Smile

Although there is no law against having bad teeth there isn’t on that prevents us from trying to get the perfect set of teeth and a beautiful smile. In fact, the world would be a much better place when filled with beautiful smiles. People looking to improve their teeth and their smile can seek a cosmetic dentist. Believe me when I say the work of a cosmetic dentist is like photoshopping your teeth in real life.

The desire for great teeth has resulted in the growth of the cosmetic dentistry market and now more and more people are looking to get their teeth and smile worked on. For now, we are going to take a look at a few different ways on how your teeth are made better by cosmetic dentists.

cosmetic dentists

teeth whitening

1.) Teeth whitening – It is natural for our teeth to become discolored over time. But stained and discolored teeth may also be a result of certain habits like smoking, drinking lots of coffee and tea, or taking certain medication that can stain your teeth. For some people, discolored teeth don’t look pleasing and they want to be able to make their teeth much whiter again. This is accomplished by cosmetic dentists through the process of teeth whitening.

The usual way that cosmetic dentists take to whiten teeth is with some chemical bleach and the power from a laser. The chemical solution is first applied to the teeth of the person followed by exposing the teeth to the light from the laser which helps speed the process. Taking on half an hour, this method is the quickest way to whiten teeth. The slower option is done at home by wearing a mouth guard filled with a gel which needs to be born every night for three weeks.

2.) Reshaping and contouring of the teeth – This method is performed on people who have misshapen and damaged teeth. To reshape the tooth to its desired or appropriate shape, the cosmetic dentist has to remove some of the enamel or apply some bonding to fill in damages and cracks on the tooth. This is a good way to help improve the strength of the tooth. An alternative which simply involves attaching a shell to the front of the tooth covering any damages are dental veneers.

The bonding materials used can also be considered as a form of treatment. Being a cheaper option, many people get their teeth improved with bonding to seal cracks, fill in gaps, and overall make the teeth look better.

3.) Invisalign – Invisalign is an alternative to braces when it comes to straightening or putting teeth into the proper alignment. When worn invisalign basically looks invisible because it is designed to look clear. In addition to that, you can also remove invisalign during meals and brushing your teeth, something that cannot be done with braces. Invisalign is becoming one of the more popular options in cosmetic dentistry due to the fact that it can provide the same benefits as braces but is more discreet.