A Guide to Braces in the Cosmetic Dentistry Industry

In the dental industry, braces are used to help correct the alignment of teeth which are not in proper form. However, if you wore braces in the past especially as a kid, chances are you would get teased which resulted in many kids not wanting to wear braces no matter how misaligned their teeth were for fear of becoming the joke of the group. Not only kids but even adults try to avoid braces even when needed to avoid any form of embarrassment. However today, if you really want to have teeth that are perfect in position, wearing braces would be a necessity.

In the area of cosmetic dentistry, braces are employed to help align the teeth of the patient in order to improve their appearance. If you are determined to have your teeth look perfect, then you should be able to go through a few months with braces in your mouth. For a better understanding about braces, we are going to take a closer look into their details and what role they play in cosmetic dentistry when it comes to beautifying the teeth of patients and improving their smiles.

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So how can you determine whether one is fit for braces or not? What is important is that all of your adult teeth have already developed so age doesn’t really matter. Most often you will find teenagers wearing braces because all of their adult teeth have already grown. If the person has some form of gum disease which results in the instability of your teeth, then you should avoid wearing braces or get any form of cosmetic dentistry treatment until all health conditions are taken care of.

It is also important to take note that braces can help treat dental health problems other than making teeth look good and aligned. When someone is suffering from problems like irregular bites, malocclusion, and other oral problems involving the bone and jaw, braces may be used. Since braces help move the teeth, they can also facilitate the development of the bone to allow it to develop properly preventing further complications which usually occurs when such oral problems are left untreated.

The reason why braces are able to facilitate the movement of the person’s teeth is because it utilizes pressure. The pressure applied to the teeth causes it to move into directions that the dentist wants them to until they are all in proper alignment. So how is this pressure created? Well to know about that we have to look into the structure of the braces.

The two main parts of the braces are the metal brackets and the wire that goes through them. The brackets themselves are attached by the cosmetic dentist onto each tooth and then the wire is fed through all the brackets. When the wire is secured, the dentist can then proceed to tighten the wire resulting in the pressure against the teeth. This can be quite uncomfortable but that only means that it is working and your teeth are moving into proper alignment.