Assessing Hardwood and Laminate Wood Flooring

Probably the amenity that is the most sought-after when it comes to home decorating is to have a wood flooring. Many people love to have wood flooring in their own homes because of the warm feeling of walking over wood flooring and also because of the beauty and timelessness that wood flooring has to offer in a home. One of the benefits one would find in old and more traditional homes would be their original hardwood floors. Most new homes today that are being sold at a lower price but still want to entice customers with a hardwood floor like make use of laminate flooring which looks similar but the quality doesn’t match that of hardwood floors. All the same it can still attract homebuyers.


hardwood floor

No matter which type of wood you prefer, each type of wood will always have its strengths and weaknesses. If you are still confused on which type of flooring to use in your home, this article will help you go through the strengths and weaknesses of each type of wood based on common criteria.

Let’s talk about the pricing. You may be shocked to find that the costs of installing flooring into your home may be quite high. Now when it comes to hardwood floors, they are more expensive. This is because hardwood floors are made from trees that are harvested and the price usually varies depending on the exoticness of the tree. But laminate flooring on the other hand is made by pressing different wood together and a hardwood image on top. The materials for laminate are cheaper and installing laminate flooring only goes for half the cost of hardwood flooring.

Now let’s learn about the durability. This will have to take into consideration the foot traffic in your household. In hardwood, since there is no laminate layer, it may be more susceptible to getting scratched and damaged from moisture. However, hardwood really is the real deal. This would also depend on the type of wood used in the flooring. There are woods that last a lot longer than others. In the case of laminate, the extra layers give it a shield from scratches but the appeal may not also be there and the quality of materials may not also be enough.

Finally let’s talk about repairing the flooring. Sooner or later you will find some wear and tear in your floors that will have to be tended to. Hardwood flooring is considered to be easily repairable. Imperfections can easily be sanded away and you can easily have the floor get another refinish. This is its advantage over laminate floors and can make it last for years to come. Laminate flooring on the other hand isn’t as easy to repair. You can buy other pieces of flooring boards that can be snapped on easily. But when it comes to replacing each individual board, consider the aging process. The new boards may stick out like a sore thumb in the overall flooring. Sunlight and time can really affect this.