Top 10 Lawyer Marketing Ideas

Turn on the Television or the radio and you are bound to hear an advertisement for an attorney.  Lawyers are plagued with the question of how to get above the noise and have their firm recognized over all the others out there.  After all, it’s not about who has the best jingle, it’s about who is the most successful in the courtroom and who can help their client’s maneuver the legal dilemmas and create positive outcomes.  Beyond the cutesy song and number, here are some lawyer marketing suggestions:


  1. Business cards. Make sure you always have enough on you.  Pass them out and leave them wherever you go.


  1. Business paraphernalia. Business cards aren’t enough, have pens, note pads, and other small objects made up with your firm’s name on them.  Hand them out at functions and around town.


  1. Is your firm’s website easy to navigate?  Does it celebrate your success?  Are their links to references and bios on all the top attorneys?  You may want to ask for the assistance of an attorney marketing design firm to ensure your site stands out from the crowd.


  1. Write and then write some more. On top of your website, you should have a blog.  This blog should contain not only write ups on your successes, but commentary on local cases and other big cases that make the news.  Want more exposure, send out press releases and offer to write for the local paper.


  1. In addition to your blog and any news paper articles you write, you should have a newsletter that goes out periodically.  By allowing visitors to sign up for this on your website, you have a place where they leave their name, email address, and possibly their address and phone number as well.  Even if you just get an email address, you still have a place to send marketing paraphernalia.

  1. Social Media. How often are you on Facebook, Twitter and/or Linkedin?  Make sure your firm has a presence on each of these.  Promote the good and downplay the bad.  Be there in a timely manner if someone asks a question or makes a compelling comment.


  1. Review sites. What are your clients saying about you on Yelp and other review sites?  Go in and see.  Ask current and former clients to go on and make a review so that others know how good you are.


  1. Most lawyer marketing firms would also suggest not branching out too far. You firm should stick to one or two areas of law.  Spreading yourself too thin will not be helpful in the long run.  Quality over quantity.


  1. Network, network, network. Regardless of where you are, try to network.  It is not recommended that you go out simply to network all of the time, but do not forget to do so when you are out.
  2. Finally, don’t forget about your local and legal organizations. These include the bar association, as well as any other attorney groups that may be in your area.  Join the local chamber of commerce as well as other business associations where your firm can do some good.