Rugs will start to fall apart on you if they are left without cleanings for too long. On sites like, www.curticechemdry.com, carpet cleaning professionals receive thousands of emails each year with people asking why their carpets have started to fall to pieces when the carpet is only a few years old. There are only two reasons why a carpet would start losing its stitching after only a short time of use. The first reason may be that a customer just had he bad luck of buying an extremely low quality carpet and that is why carpet pros always recommend that clients only buy from reputable carpet distributors. The second noteworthy cause of a new carpet falling apart could be because the owner never got the carpet cleaned. Carpet cleaning is like any other type of home maintenance in that it helps not only keep an item looking good, it also helps it from being damaged over time. Carpet gets hit with a ton of foreign elements every day, and some of those elements can cause damage to the baser of rugs and carpet over time. Having the carpets cleaned once each year is one of the best ways to prevent the home’s floors from giving up the ghost long before their time.  The fact that regular cleanings can make carpets last longer should be reason enough alone for people to get regular cleanings done, but as we shall see, the list doesn’t stop there.

A rug cleaning is one of the best ways to improve the quality of air in our living and work spaces. There are few spaces in the home which have such a high potential for trapping dust, dirt and bad smells, as the home’s carpets. It should be sufficed to recall that every time a person walks into our homes, they bring a little touch of everything else they have walked on with them inside. It can be funny, and yet sad, to witness people that have exhausted every possible way they can think of to get their homes smelling better, before they think of having the carpets and rugs cleaned. Sometimes people go so far as to throw away old cloths and even furniture in an attempt to make the home’s air better, and in the end the only thing they needed to do was get the carpets the cleaning they have been neglected of for so long. People with dogs and cats should pay special attention to the need for regular carpet cleanings as they might be at higher risk of developing pet allergies if they don’t remove the massive amount of extra pet hair that likes to hide between carpet fibers.

In conclusion, people should have their carpets cleaned once a year in order to improve air quality and to take better care of their floors, and yet beyond those two very good reasons why people should have yearly cleanings on their carpet is the fact that it is just part of good, hygienic housekeeping!