Maintaining Hunter Douglas Shutters

Window treatments like Hunter Douglas Shutters will develop dust and dirt over time. And just like anything else, this has to be cleaned out and maintained. The idea of cleaning and maintaining something applies to a lot of household devices and even your own window treatments be it blinds, shutters, shades, or drapes. Failure to do so will result in certain consequences which will affect the window treatments and even the household. So today we are going to discuss the importance of maintaining your Hunter Douglas Shutters, along with how you should maintain it and how often so that you will be better informed and properly maintain your window treatments.

Now why should you be maintaining and cleaning your Hunter Douglas Shutters? Well when you maintain and clean it, you are making it just like new and as such allowing the shutters to last longer. Failure to clean your shutters will also result in dust building up which can affect the health of the household.

 Hunter Douglas Shades

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So basically when you maintain your Hunter Douglas Shutters, you keep it functioning well and allow it to increase its lifespan compared to if it was never cleaned and maintained. Think of it just like gears in a machine that must be cleaned and oiled from time to time so that it may function properly.

To maintain your Hunter Douglas Shutters is a simple task. Check it shutters for dust and remove as much of it as you can until most has been removed. Now there will always be some dirt left so what you can do is to take a clean cloth dip it in a cleaning solution and wipe each slat of the Hunter Douglas Shutters until they are clean. Make sure that every slat is clean and free of any dust and dirt and take a dry cloth to dry off the slats. If you do not dry them off, the moist environment will be a breeding ground for molds which can damage the shutters and be hazardous to your health.

I suggest making a cleaning solution out of the items you have in your house like water, some baking soda, and lemons so that you won’t have to go out and spend on anything. By doing this, you are also helping the environment by creating a solution that is free of harmful chemicals. If you find that your Hunter Douglas Shutters become difficult to operate, try using some grease or oil you can find at the hardware and lubricate the parts of the shutters so that they will open and close properly.

So now that you know how you can clean your Hunter Douglas Shutters, how often should you be cleaning them? I would suggest cleaning them every two weeks or every week if you live in a dusty area. It is important that you often check on your shutters to see if they are still clean and well maintained. Take note that Hunter Douglas Shutters that are well maintained will last long and look as good as new.