Chiropractic Marketing Ideas

On the hit TV show “Two and a half men,” Jon Cryer played Alan, a chiropractor.  However, it seemed as if he had few, if any patients and because of that, he was constantly broke.  While some may say it was a way for him to get out of paying more alimony and child support to his ex-wife, others would say that he needed a chiropractor marketing idea.


Without spending too much of what little money Alan was said to have had, he could have easily increased the number of clients had he if he only put forth some effort to do so and come up with a chiropractic marketing plan.

One may wonder why the office was never shown on the show.  It may be due to the fact that it was a bland, sterile, uninviting place.  That would explain why Alan was rarely there.  With just a bit of imagination, some pushpins and bulletin boards all of that could have changed.  By posting patient testimonials, photographs, upcoming events, health tips and interesting articles about chiropractic care, you not only create more educated patients, but a more inviting atmosphere worthy of a referral or two.


Since Alan had so much free time on his hands, another chiropractor marketing approach he could have used was to host free events or to offer free services and/or seminars at local fairs, bazaars, and expos.  This would allow people to get to know him, the services he provides and get educated on the role of chiropractic medicine and thus, turn many of them into  new customers.


Additionally, Jon Cryer’s character could have hawked his services at local offices, even offering free consultations for those working at the time.  Through this, he may not only have picked up some new patients, he may have found a date or two.  Of course, whether it be Charlie or Aston Kutcher’s character Walden, one of them would have screwed it up.  Therefore, it may be best that you go it alone or bring someone who is not looking for a date.


Another thing that Alan could have tried in order to get some more patients was direct mailers and advertisements in local papers.  While considered somewhat old school, they do still work.  Coupons and specials of any type are bound to bring in some new clientele.


Though Alan may not have had a clue about how to use a computer or the power of the internet and social media, it goes without saying that your chiropractor marketing plan should have several online components.  This includes a stellar website with an ever changing blog filled with information that is relevant to your patients, a place for client testimonials and email registration, staff spotlights, and links to social media.


Your business should have an active presence on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.  However, your posts to these sites should not be just advertising for your practice.  Like your blog, it should be relevant and interesting.  You can also throw in some personal stuff to show the real you.