Differences between custom shades and custom blinds

There are a lot of interior designers that could sit down with you and thoroughly explain what the difference is between a shade and a blind. These two completely different products often times get categorized into a single category. In reality, there is a true difference between a custom shade and a custom blind.
There are two distinct terms that you should be aware of when looking around for the best fit custom blinds and custom shades. They are hard window treatments or soft window coverings. The terms themselves can provide a definition for what product they are referring to. When you hear a term hard window treatments you would probably guess that they are talking about blinds. Well, the good news is that you guessed that correctly. Blinds are usually made out of wood or plastic so they have a hard texture to them.
Custom blinds are also different from custom shades because of their functions. They have the capability of having the slats open but the entire blind is still closed. This is beneficial because you can allow a little bit of natural lighting in from outside while still having a partial amount of privacy.
Now, let us talk a little bit about what a custom shade is often referred to as. Shades are also known as soft window coverings. This, just as the hard window coverings goes well with the term. The custom shades are made out of fabric that is flexible. The shades only have the capabilities of being lowered or pulled upwards. Custom shades offer an all or nothing type of approach. Meaning you will have all the privacy and insulation you want if they are closed, but if you want them open there will be nothing covering your windows.
One of the main differences between custom blinds and custom shades is the different types of each. There are only two main categories of blinds. There are the vertical custom blinds or the horizontal custom blinds. As with many products, there may be two categories but there are different variations within those two categories. When it comes to custom shades there are a few more options. Generally there are four different types of custom shades to choose from. Within those types of custom shades there are then different styles.
Another difference between a custom blind and a custom shade is the lever systems that they have to pull them up or lower them. Blinds typically will have something hanging from the side of the blinds that allow you to pull down if you want your blinds to go up. If you want your blinds to be lowered you are supposed to allow the sting to go upwards. A custom shade will not have this option.
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