Different ways to use a dab rig

Dabbing, or smoking or vaping concentrated cannabis in the form of oil or wax, gives you a stronger hit than a traditional joint or bong.  There are several different techniques that you can use to dab.   First and foremost is the traditional use of a dab rig.  Also known as a vapor rig, this device consists of three main parts, the nail, the torch and the rig, itself.  A small amount of the oil or wax is placed on the nail which is then heated with the torch until the product is vaporized.  Using the rig, you inhale the vapors.   The use of a vapor rig is not for the first time marijuana user.  One dab or hit is as strong as smoking an entire joint.  Be careful with the amount of oil or wax that is used, if you use too much you could either pass out or waste it.   A variation of the dab rig is to use the dabber with an e-nail instead of a nail made of titanium, quartz, ceramic, or glass.  An e-nail uses electricity and allows you to set a precise temperature that you would like to heat your product to in order to create the vapor.  It also remains hot until turned off and does not require the use of a blow torch which may be intimidating for some people.  Additionally, since you can set the precise temperature, you will not burn the product, nor will you waste any that was not vaporized.   Another great addition to your dab rig is a health stone.  While still requiring the use of a blow torch, a health stone allows you to use a less potent, less sticky concentrate.  It also does not have to be as densely packed as it does when using a traditional nail or e-nail.   Less tasty than a traditional vapor rig is the dab pens.  Though these tiny devices allow you to partake on the go with having to lug around an entire rig, they tend to leave a plastic or metal aftertaste.  These are best used by those who have been prescribed marijuana for medical purposes and may need to smoke while out and about. Along this same line is the increasingly popular e-cigarette.  They are good for dabbing because they are portable and discreet.  However, many use vape cartridges that are prefilled and much more expensive than regular wax or oil.  While good for a special occasion, most users cannot afford to use them all of the time.   If you and your friends do not have a vapor or dab rig, but you have the concentrate, you can mix it with dry herb and smoke it in a joint.  This method, however, is less than ideal for a number of reasons.  The hit is not as good as using a dab rig and you do not get as much of a high.  Furthermore, the wax or oil you combined with the dried herb burns slower than it.