Examples of Custom Window Shutters based on Material

When you are choosing some window treatments to go on your windows, one of the options you can choose are window shutters. Window shutters are considered a traditional type of window treatment and is one of the most common as well. You can find different types of window shutters just like there are different types of window treatments and each can be found ready made at the store or be a Custom Window Shutters.

Now if you do choose to buy window shutters but don’t know what to buy, it is best you take a look at the different types. Luckily, we are going to talk to you about a few examples of window shutters which you may find preferable for your windows at home.

Custom Window Coverings

custom window treatments

  • Wooden window shutters – The original type of window shutters were made using wood due to the accessibility of the material compared to other materials in the past. Today, you can still find wooden shutters being manufactured do to how beautiful they look. A lot of people like the traditional look that wooden shutters provide. With the right finishing, wooden shutters can really make a statement in your home. The problem with wooden shutters is that they can easily warp, bend, and twist as the wood ages. Factors like moisture and sun light exposure can also harm the beauty of the wood.
  • Polyresin window shutters – Window shutters that are made from polyresin are also a popular option when it comes to window shutters. When it comes to neutral colored shutters, polyresin is the way to go. Custom Window Shutters that are made from this material aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as wooden window shutters. However, due to their material, this type of window shutter isn’t affected by warping, bending, and twisting as it ages. Another great thing about these is that they aren’t difficult to maintain or clean.
  • Vinyl window shutters – Window shutters of this type are made from the same thing as the previous type, polyresin window shutters. The difference between the two lies in their manufacturing process. Similar to polyresin shutters, vinyl window shutters are easy to clean out and maintain. In addition to that, vinyl window shutters are also very durable which is what attracts people to this type of window shutter.
  • Hybrid window shutters – This type of window shutter is made using something called medium density fiberboard or MDF for short. This type of window shutter has a layer of polypropylene on top which gives hybrid window shutters the same durability as vinyl window shutters. The downside about hybrid window shutters is the MDF material. Because of that, the window shutter can be affected by moisture damaging it due to the sponge-like properties of MDF causing it to absorb the moisture. If you live somewhere quite humid, avoid using hybrid window shutters.

So those are four different examples of window shutters based on their material. When buying window shutters, you can just simply purchase shutters that are ready made or you can go for Custom Window Shutters to go for a more tailored look.