Find a kids’ dentist who has experience working with children. parent knows just how difficult it is to get their child to go willingly to a dentist. From a young age, Americans are programmed to think that the dentist is essentially the worst place they could ever be taken. Kids are programmed with images of dentists drilling into the mouths of unsuspecting children with large drills, poking around in their mouth to find cavities and then destroying those cavities in a painful manner. The reality of the situation is that going to the dentist really isn’t all that bad, especially if you go on a regular basis. When you take your child every six months for a cleaning, you’re essentially ensuring that their oral health is going to be in good condition and that they’re not going to need any major work done at any particular visit. Nonetheless, kids really hate going to the dentist, so dragging them to a kids’ dentist can be a huge hassle.

That’s why it’s so important for parents to find a kids’ dentist who has experience working with children. You need to find a dental office that’s staffed with dentists who know how to talk to children, who know how to keep them entertained, and who know how to get them to relax while they’re in the dental chair. The more experienced the pediatric dentist is, the more capable they’ll be at making your child feel comfortable and calm while they’re there. This has two key benefits. First, when your child is more relaxed in the chair the dentist is better able to do their job. They can poke around in your child’s mouth and do their cleaning more quickly, which allows both you and your child to get out of their in a reasonable amount of time. The second benefit of going to a dentist that knows how to work with children is that your child won’t mind going nearly as bad. If they like their dentist and like talking to them, then they’re not going to hate going to the dentist as much, and your life is going to be much easier.

What does it mean to find a pediatric dentist who is experienced working with children? First, it means finding a dental office where your child feels welcomed. Dentists who are experienced at working with children know how to make them feel welcome. That means they smile at your child when they greet them, they talk with them about what’s going on in their life, and they entertain them while they’re there. Put simply, it means that they know how to interact with kids without making them feel like they’re talking down to them or patronizing them in any way.

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