Find the fire truck apparatus that will meet all your department’s needs

When your fire department doesn’t have the right equipment it makes a big difference.  ambulance manufacturerSpecialized vehicles are a necessity because not just any car company can make an apparatus with everything that the fire fighters will need.  The same goes for police cruisers, ambulances, rescue rigs, and other similar vehicles that are used by rescue teams.  There are specialized companies that create custom vehicles with details that no other company can provide.  These companies pretty much make every vehicle with the end user in mind, minus their refurbished vehicles that are made like new and are just as good.

A brand new fire truck apparatus or ambulance doesn’t come cheap, but it is a cost that also doesn’t need to be everything to the department.  If you’re going to spring for a brand new customized apparatus, it should be exactly what you need.  One such company, Boise Mobile Equipment (BME) does all of this and more.  They have been making customized rigs since 1990 and they happily build on their experience each year with the latest technology and trends in rescue equipment and vehicles.  They offer a 10 year structural warranty on every product that they design and build.  And their refurbished vehicles are hard to tell apart from the brand new ones because they do such great work.  BME has been a cornerstone in truck manufacturing since they started, and they have become a trusted entity in the community.  BME it a top-quality manufacturer and can supply plenty of stellar customer reviews if you want to hear them.  The entire team is dedicated to making only the best, and repairing it if ever need be.

That’s right – BME doesn’t just make an apparatus and sent it off. They guarantee their work and can also replace or repair parts that get worn over time.  Plus, as mentioned, they stand by their 10 year structural warranty.  They provide individualized designs and will even try something brand new if its what you will need to get your job done.  You will appreciate their flexibility in design and all the input you will be allowed to give.  Your band new fire apparatus will make heads turn and you can trust that it will be as reliable as they come.  After all, it is not just the functionality of a truck that is important, its the engine.  If the truck can’t move, nothing can be done and those fancy gadgets won’t do any good.  The inside and outside of the truck need to match in integrity and function.  With BME you can trust that the engine is just as pristine as the storage compartments and fire hose.

All of the extras that you can choose from with any rig is exciting too.  They do K-9 units, complete up-fitting of used vehicles, striping and other decals, as well as communication integration.   No matter what you need for your rescue to go as flawlessly as possible, BME can provide it and it can be trusted for decades to come.