Get modern and painless varicose vein treatment

Are you suffering from leg pain related to some sort of endovascular disease?  A common one is varicose veins, which are swollen and bulging veins that are backed up due to leaky valves.  Too much pressure on veins over the years can create these leaky valves which then let blood back up in the wrong direction and pool, stretching out the vein wall.   The result is the bulging and heavy portion of the vein where blood has pooled and created a small pocket.  Varicose veins can be painful to the person dealing with them because clotting is a possibility.  The old methods of treatment required an in-patient surgery and general anesthesia, which meant time away from work to recover and a painful surgery that didn’t always work.

Sometimes the lumpier the vein, the more painful it can become due to clotting or leg cramping caused by slow or lacking blood flow.  In extremely severe cases the veins could even rupture if they get too full and this is also quite serious.  A ruptured vein or a vein that is causing ulcers to form is a big problem and should be addressed by vein treatment Houston vein clinicdoctors.  Vein disease is a broad term that covers any condition that prevents blood from getting properly pumped back to the heart.  This is most common in the legs but can happen in other areas of the body.  The veins pump oxygen depleted blood back to the heart to become reoxygenated and ready to help the body to do its job.  Therefore, the blood that is returned is just as important as the oxygenated blood that is traveling out.  A vein condition that worsens over time can cause a whole host or problems, such as Varicose and spider veins, swelling and pain in the legs, chronic venous insufficiency, skin changes and rashes, ulcers on the lower legs.  When vein conditions go untreated this is what happens.  So what modern vein treatments are there?

Well, first just regular exercise of the legs and other major body parts on a daily basis can prevent vein conditions from starting or getting worse if you already have something going on.  The circulation is key and prevents any blood pooling, which is one of the starts to such a condition.  Regular leg movement clears out the blood.  And the best place to start with movement is the calf muscles in the leg.  But if prevention methods didn’t catch you soon enough, there are several treatments that are same-day procedures that can help.  Here are just a few: diagnostic ultrasound evaluation, ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy, cosmetic sclerotherapy radio frequency ablation, radiofrequency perforator ablation,  and ambulatory phlebectomy.  They sound complicated but they are all quite simple and are performed same day so you aren’t down and out for a while recovering.  These modern treatments are done through the utilization of a vein doctor or a specialized vein clinic.  They are all very effective at relieving pain and the root causes of the pain, which is pooled blood.