Here are the pros and cons of back pain treatments

When it comes to back pain treatments, there are many different types that you may want to try in order to best heal your back and ensure that you are living as pain free of a life as possible. Of course, all forms of back pain treatment depend on what is wrong with your back in the first place. If you suffer from back pain due to a herniated or slipped disc in your back, then you will seek a different outcome then if you are suffering from back pain due to a tumor or a abnormality in your spinal cord. One type of back pain could require back pain surgery or spine surgery while other types of back pain can be treated with yoga and exercises. back pain treatment

There are many different types of treatments for your back pain, ranging from anything from spine surgery to acupuncture. Listed here are the pros and cons for various back pain treatments that you may be researching:

  1. Spine surgery. If you are thinking about getting spine surgery, then the greatest pro is that it can completely alleviate your pain. The major con is that it is very expensive.
  2. Medication. If you are opting for medication to treat your back pain then there are a few pros and cons that come along with this form of back pain treatment. The greatest pro is that you will be healing your pain on a short term basis and the greatest con is that it isn’t solving the problem of your pain overall.
  3. Exercise. You may also want to consider using exercise to heal your back pain. The greatest pro that comes along with exercise is that you will not only alleviate your back pain over time but you will also feel better overall on a daily basis. The con is that you must be very careful over which types of exercises that you are choosing to utilize as you don’t want to cause any further damage or harm.
  4. Hot/cold therapies. You will also want try out hot cold therapy as this will get your blood flowing and promote detoxification as well. The pro is that it is a cheap therapy and the con is that you will likely need other methods as well.
  5. Holistic methods. These can include yoga, acupuncture and more. The pros are that they are minimally invasive and will help to improve your overall health. The cons are that they can be expensive.

As you can see, these were some of the pros and cons that are associated with various treatments that you may be seeking for your back pain. If you are seeking a neurologist or a neurosurgeon to help you with your back pain and to help you go over the extensive decision making process that goes along with choosing to get surgery for your back pain, then you will need to find one that is dedicated to patient care while also having experience with your particular case. If you need somewhere to start, then you can contact the experts over at Boulder Neurosurgical and Spine Associates. They are the leading experts in neurosurgery as well as other treatments that are less invasive or non surgical that can help with your back pain.