History of rustic mantels

rustic mantelThere are many things that we do not think about in our modern times. Simple things we take for granted everyday actually have long histories and reasons for their implementations that haven been lost to us because of increases in modern technology. Things that we consider ornamental today actually used to have more practical purposes. One of the best examples of this is the modern mantel. A mantel is a largely decorative piece that is placed above a fireplace. The origin of the mantel goes all the way back to medieval Europe. People used to use fire for everything from heating to cooking but fireplaces did not come until a few years later. While nobles could afford fireplaces the common people typically lived in huts. The huts all had a vent in the roof to allow the smoke from the fire to exit the hut instead of making the inside too smokey. These huts instead of being heated by a fire place had fire pits in the center of them or used a series of brazers. The first mantel was likely a cover for the brazer or fire pit that helped to cover the dire an direct the smoke out through the to top f the hut. Many years later even the homes of the poor were equipped with fire places people would use of cooking and warming the home. The invention of the fireplace allowed for more complex homes to be built and made the use of a hole in the roof unnecessary. While the fire place was good at directing smoke out of the house it still needed a hood to keep more of the smoke out of the home. Moving forward to the seventeen century where mantels were less needed for utilitarian needs and instead were used to be an ornate centerpiece to a room. Through the ages the mantel went through several different styles to amazingly ostentatious pieces wrought of silver and gold to more simple pieces crafted out of wood or stone. In present days this still continues and the mantel has not changed for a long time. One thing is certain mantels are great additions to your home

Now with so many types of mantels in terms of style and materials used their is a lot to choose from. I would highly suggest getting a rustic mantel as I feel they are suitable in any home. Real rustic mantel pieces are made out of real, quality pieces of wood that you are able to pick out for yourself. Until I visited a mantel making company I was not even aware of all the different kinds of woods available to craft a unique mantel piece out of. Some people might thing that all wood looks the same but they would be wrong. The thing about wood is that all woods have different colors and unique colors. This guarantees that each piece will be unique. If you want a great company to get a rustic mantel at a great price then I would go to Rustic Mantel Trading Post.

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