Home Lighting and Cabinet Distributers should always be this easy to work with

During home or business remodels, it is imperative to a contractor that all of their vendors deliver quality products in the time frame that they say that they will deliver them, but good service from a home cabinet distributor does not stop there.  Your team needs to be reliable in their delivery, their ordering process and their installation services as well. Completing a job is often a juggling act, and if one person drops the ball then the entire project could be delayed for days or weeks while every other branch waits for that person to catch up. That is why a company like Bold Home Supply is such a great distributor to do business with. They understand the ins and outs of the kitchen cabinets and home lighting distribution better than anyone else. That’s because they have focused their business into five main goals:

  • Experienced and Reliable – Bold Home understands that when a delivery is delayed it can really throw a wrench into the renovation plan. That is why they have built up their reputation around the reliability of their team. When you order from Bold Home, you know that they can be counted on to process your order quickly and get it out for delivery in a reasonable manner.
  • Multi-faceted – Bold Home Supply does not just focus on quality home lighting solutions, they also are the go to company for kitchen cabinet distribution and kitchen cabinet hardware. They not only provide the best quality kitchen cabinets in the market today, but they can ensure a speedy delivery, followed by high quality installation where it is needed.
  • Easy Ordering Process – Often the process of figuring out a kitchen cabinet distributors order process can be confusing and a pain to manage. However the ordering process at Bold Home Supply is always going to be easy and straightforward. With Bold Home Supply you also have the ability to create order packages that can be saved to your account. So if you have a set amount of hardware and cabinets that you typically order for a job, you do not have to start over through the ordering process. Instead you can simply re-select your previous package and make any necessary adjustments to it before finalizing your order.
  • Delivery to any local – Nothing is more frustrating than working with a distributor that places your orders for you and then does not have a delivery option. Instead they require that you come to their warehouse to pick up your order, which can cause all kinds of issues when you have to leave the site of a job. You have to deal with the frustration of working around the pickup hours of the distributor, and then of course if they happen to be backed up or busy, or god forbid they have lost your order, then you have that additional frustration and lost time from your job site, but Bold Home will deliver directly to you so you do not have to go through that hassle every time you place an order.