How to start a marijuana delivery service

You are bummed because you ran out of pot and now either need to sober up and go get more, or find someone to go get it for you.  However, if the marijuana was prescribed to you by a doctor for one of a myriad of medical issues, then you could call a medical marijuana delivery service.  Then, you have an epiphany and decide that you should start your own.

You believe that cannabis delivery would be a great way to make money so that you could afford more pot for yourself.  Once your head clears, you begin to research the idea.  While you are searching online, you find out that there are not as many requirements as you thought there would be.  Additionally, you also find out that since more and more states are allowing marijuana to be prescribed, you could either expand your business or move it elsewhere, as needed.  That is, if delivery is legal in a particular state.  It is not legal in every state where medical marijuana is allowed.

In order to start your weed delivery business, you first need to determine how much pot you will need as well as a place to get it.  In order to have the correct amount, you need to take into account that different people need, desire, and are prescribed different strains and amounts.

You then need clients that have the proper documentation.  You should use your customer’s medical marijuana identification numbers in order to make sure that they qualify for the service.  It is best to keep their personal information, as well as their prescription information in a computer database so that you can access it quickly and easily, as needed.

As with any delivery service, another thing that you will need in order for your cannabis delivery service to be successful is reliable transportation. You need to be able to get to your clients, without a problem, each and every time they request their medication.  Be sure that your car not only runs, but does not have any visible issues.  After all, even if you have all the proper documentation and are following all of the rules, you do not want the cops to pull you over.  Not only is this annoying, but time-consuming, as well.

Be sure to have at least one working phone line, as well as a website set up for online ordering.  You can either have the information on the types of pot and the quantities available for all to see, or have it password protected for patients only.  The choice is yours and depends on how much exposure you would like.

Once all of this is set up, you can then begin to advertise.  When you sign up a new client, be sure to check their prescription before you fill it.  This should only take a few minutes and will save you from headaches down the road.  Be sure to ask your clients to refer their friends and watch your company grow.