Is your home ready for brand new siding, windows, or doors?

As a new homeowner, there are a lot of firsts that you might not know how to deal with.  Everyone needs guidance during the first years, or even first decade, of their time owning custom windowsand maintaining a home.  There is always something to keep up on with a house, such as cleaning the gutters, maintaining the landscaping, clearing out the sprinkler system, and replacing the filter on the furnace.  There are all things that you never have to worry about when you live in a rented apartment.  Thankfully you landlord does all of those things for you or they don’t need to be done because they don’t exist (i.e. a lawn).  Because of this, there tends to be a shellsocked period where the new home owner realizes that there is a whole rotating and never ending list of things to take care of with a house.  So when you’re new to the game, how will you know when you need to do certain things?  And how will you know when you’re being sold into something by a company that profits from home maintenance?  These are important for all homeowners, whether new or experienced.

Through all of the people and companies that try to sell you things to make your home maintenance easier, how do you know which to trust?  The short answer is that you don’t, but there is a longer explanation that is a bit more satisfying.  Basically, the more you learn about the ins and outs of your home through reading about others’ experiences or working through things with trial and error, the more you will be able to decipher the good from the bad.  Do you really need a new hot water heater or is your home inspector plugging their friends water heater service?  Do you really need some new shingles or even a full roof replacement?  Or is your contractor doing a favor for a collaborating service by gaining new customers?  I wish I could say that no one would want to fool you like that but we all know that is often how the world works.  So learn your stuff and attempt to fix it yourself at first to see what you really truly need.  You might need some replacement siding if your current pieces are discolored, warped, bubbled, broken, or bent.  Siding that doesn’t look well also doesn’t function well, because those things go hand in hand.  Brand new siding will give your house a new look and vigor while it increases energy efficiency.  There are so many different kinds to choose from, so once again doing a little research never hurts.  Certain materials do different things with temperature, and obviously look different and feel different.

Be confident as a new homeowner by knowing your home well.  That way, you really will know when you need new replacement windows and when someone is trying to make a sale.  You will soon be a professional homeowner and will be able to fix and maintain all that is required with no problems.