Marketing Strategies to Help Your Orthodontic Practice

Marketing is one of the essential parts of the success of the business. Orthodontic Marketing is one of the challenges orthodontists face in their career. Just mere mention of the word marketing can make an orthodontist shiver. Orthodontists are too busy attending to people’s teeth that they wouldn’t have enough time to do some marketing work. However, a struggling orthodontist is going to need all the marketing he can get especially with more competition popping up these days. After all, a successful marketing strategy will be the backbone of a successful orthodontic business. Today, we are going to take a look at a few marketing strategies that can be a great help to your practice.

Orthodontic Marketing

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1.) Visit your fellow dentists in the area – What better way to be in contact and catch up with other people in your area than to visit them personally in their offices and dental clinics? When you go pay a visit, make sure you bring something nice like cookies, donuts, or any small favor that the staff would love. The point here is to be able to connect well with the dentist as well as with his staff and you can refer each other to your clients. Maybe that dentist will even pay you a visit.

2.) Take your fellow dentists out for lunch – The same concept applies with the first one. Orthodontists don’t really see the value here and are not willing to make time; however, this Orthodontist Marketing strategy is actually very helpful to you and the other dentists. You don’t even have to necessarily talk about your career. The conversation can be as casual as it gets. If you let it, you can slip in a topic about your practice. Take note that all of you should have a lot time because you want to be able to build good connections with other people in your industry.

3.) Write handwritten notes to your patients – Writing a simple note does not take a lot of time and the result can be great. Every time a patient is about to exit, hand him a handwritten note with something nice written on it. This is a small but very meaningful gesture that will make sure that he remembers you and makes sure to come back. This is even more effective with kids. Since kids are usually scared of the dentist, handing them a note can change their view and they can even show their friends who will then want to go to you when the time comes.

4.) Thank referring dentists with small tokens – As it is emphasized in the first and second  Orthodontic Marketing strategy, you are trying build good bonds with other dentists so that they may refer you to their clients as well. If you do come across a patient that says he was referred to you by one of the dentists, then you should thank that dentist. A visit to his home with a cake or something delicious is the least you can do. You can even refer one of your patients to him.