Once you visit Parker Animal Hospital you will never leave

The entire team at Parker Center Animal Clinic (PCAC) believes in ultimate wellness for Parker animal hospitalyour pet, no matter what kind.  Every little creature from your 5 ounce tree frog to your 140 pound Great Dane deserve the best care, and the best care always starts with prevention. Wellness care is the method that involves annual checkups to avoid problems rather than unscheduled visits to address problems.  The same method of care is urged upon all humans as well, because it has been proven that preventative care is both effective and cheaper in the long run.  Annual tests and checks can find problems when they do arise in enough time that something useful can be done.  Just because your pet is acting and feeling normal doesn’t mean that there can’t be something wrong with their health.  Often the animal might not even realize something is wrong because the change is so subtle.

The wellness plans at PCAC are all inclusive and designed specifically with you, the pet owners, in mind.  No matter what your animals age, breed, species, or lifestyle, they can absolutely benefit from preventative care.  The staff at PCAC is trained to handle just about any case that is brought their way.  They even have an exotic animals specialist on staff to treat your chameleon’s cold.  Establishing a well-documented chart and a relationship with your veterinarian will also help if there is ever a pet emergency.  In such a situation, a chart with medical history can quickly be accessed to help with diagnosis and treatment.  Additionally, if you already have a veterinarian on file then you won’t be scrambling to find an emergency clinic when time is of the essence.  PCAC in Parker can act as your animal hospital and pet dental specialist at the same time.

They are conveniently located right on Sout Parker road, which is central to most of their patients.  If you need any possible piece of information about the practice as well as additional information about pet care, their website is an excellent resource.  Tips and tricks about things like tooth brushing, senior care, and even pet insurance can all be found on the site.  But of course you can always call to speak with someone if you need more helpful advice.  When it comes to the health an well-being of your pet, no staff member would ever turn you away because they truly care.  Some are even on call day and night to be available for a sudden emergency.  When you allow PCAC to be your pet hospital, clinic, dentist, eye doctor, and all-around health commissioner you really can’t lose.  They won’t let vaccinations or preventative medications like heart worm pills for your dog fall between the cracks.  And their online portal and mobile apps make it easier than ever to stay informed regarding appointments, prescriptions, and home-care after a procedure.  Your furry friends will be in the best hands possible at any given time when you visit PCAC for all of your pet’s preventative and ongoing care needs.