Play Horray Music and Movement classes are good for baby’s brain

We can all agree that during the first few years of your baby’s life, their tiny brain is like a sponge. It soaks up all of the stimuli around it and in turn they begin to be able to function on a higher cognitive level. That is why so many books and classes are dedicated to showing parents how to provide atmospheres that are full of color and sound that can help your little one grow and learn.  Music and movement classes are created for much the same reason. These classes that are offered through Play Horray designed to do that and more. These classes are about 45 minutes in length and are divided up into different age groups so that the content will be more relevant for the children attending. They have classes that are geared just towards babies less than 18 months, all the way up to 6 years old.

Music and movement classes are intended to stimulate the baby or child’s brain in new and exciting ways.  By bringing exciting music and movement styles together for babies and children, it is helping them to develop social skills and to hone their coordination. It has been shown that when we listen to music, it will stimulate the parts of our brain that has to do with learning, development and creative thinking. It also increases their movement vocabulary by being exposed to other children that may play and jump and dance around in different ways.

Listening to music that pops also helps encourage the little ones to move! Whether is it in a mommy and me class or some other kind of environment that exposes them to music and dancing, it helps children learn to get over their shyness and just get up and dance around. Again, this is great for developing better coordination, and it is also a great outlet for small children that are being told at an ever increasing rate that they must sit still and be quiet in order for learning to take place. This helps them to express themselves in a safe place where they know that they are allowed – encouraged even – to jump around and dance.

Exposure to music through a music and movement class will also help develop their listening skills. In order to learn the words to songs so that they can sing along, as well as follow the dancing directions of the leader, they first must be able to listen. It teaches them to appreciate and love differet kinds of music and it stimulates their creativity and encourages them to think of new and fun ways to express themselves.

These types of classes also help by involving the parents of the child. It allows them to share in a special learning and bonding experience with their little one, and allows them a set time where they get to do nothing except have fun together. Find out more about PlayHorray today and the different kinds of kids classes that they offer! Your little one will thank you.