Reasons why you need a non profit marketing team

If you are running a small non profit or a large non profit, you probably have a marketing department, or at least few folks dedicated to generating marketing materials and working on getting your non profit’s name and work out there to the community. Indeed, nonprofit marketing is so often overlooked when you consider the work that many nonprofits do. There are so many details that come up when you are considering the mission and vision of a non profit and keeping up with those details alone can be enough to keep a whole team of staff busy. Plus, as you a non profit organization with a mission and vision focus, it is not as though you have unlimited resources pouring in to dump into a marketing budget. You really have to make every minute and every dollar spent count when you are considering non profit marketing, and that is why it is important to invest your time and invest your dollars wisely. The team at the Nonprofit Marketing Gurus is ready to help you take on that challenge by working directly with you as a nonprofit to better publicize your organization and the great work that you do. But why do you need to hire a team from the outside to do the job? You might think that you are perfectly capable of handling the marketing jobs on your own. However it is important to consider the following reasons to hire a professional marketing team to do the job for you:

  • Dedicated marketing specialists: If you work in a small nonprofit, then you probably are strapped for resources in one way or another. You likely have a few different doing some marketing and communications work on top of their other jobs, meaning that while there might be a good strategy behind what you are doing, there is certainly a lot a people working to do that job. This might be working for your in some ways, but wouldn’t it be nice for those people to be able to focus in on the job that they do best and the job they were hired for instead of also trying to do marketing work? By hiring out a professional marketing team, you allow your team to do a better job on the projects they enjoy doing and were hired to do.
  • Greater marketing knowledge and resources: Unless you have hired a specific marketing staff member to handle all of your marketing needs, the people you have working on marketing might not have the capacity or the knowledge base to dedicate to the job. By outsourcing, you bring on a team that has already invested heavily in all the resources and additional training that strong marketing staff need to have, from non profit web design to non profit SEO and more. This will make them more successful in the job and provide you with a fuller marketing plan.
  • You can get back to your mission: Instead of having to worry about marketing, when you outsource to a great team like the Nonprofit Marketing Gurus, you can get back to what you do best- serving the community.
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