The Methods Being Employed by Heavy Fabricators in Factories

As our modern world continues to grow and develop, the demand for industry grows as well. These days you can find a growing number of large-scale projects with more buildings and infrastructures being constructed. With more construction projects being initiated, the demand for heavy and large parts increases as well. This has led to Heavy Fabrication factories working even more to supply to the ever growing demand of heavy parts in the modern day world. In these heavy fabrication factories, highly-skilled and trained workers work with a number of different equipment and facilities in order to create high-quality products that will find its way into heavy construction projects in the future.

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With the industrious world that we live in today, heavy fabrication has become quite essential. Without heavy fabrication, basically there would be no large scale building projects like commercial buildings and skyscrapers or infrastructure like bridges. Ever since the industrial revolution, industrial projects have been initiated more and more and in today the industry is soaring to even higher heights with modern technology available for heavy fabricators to use. With the products of heavy fabrication being used in large projects that will be for public use, it is highly important that these parts are of high quality.

In order to produce high quality heavy parts, heavy fabricators learn and practice different methods. These methods are assisted with the equipment available in the factory. Now in order to get a more “in-depth” idea of Heavy Fabrication, let’s take a look at the methods being employed by heavy fabricators in the fabrication factories.

1.) Cutting – The most basic method used in heavy fabrication factories, everything that goes through the factory will have to be cut down to the right shape and size. Heavy fabrications make use of metal saws, flames, gas, and even water to cut metal.

2.) Drilling and punching – When two pieces of metal need to be secured together with bolts, they have to go through the process of drilling or punching. Drilling involves using a metal drill to cut a hole while punching uses a machine that punches a hole into the metal.

3.) Bending and rolling – Used to shape metal into a curved shape, bending and rolling is the method being employed by heavy fabricators when there is need for the metal to be bent.

4.) Welding – Another method used to secure two metal pieces together is through the process of welding.  Welding metal together can be done through a variety of welding methods including stick welding and TIG welding.

5.) Finishing – The last method used on a heavy fabrication project is adding finishing to it. This process will help add some strength to the product as well as give it some aesthetic value. What is most commonly done is painting the product with special paint.

These are the five methods that heavy fabricators employ in the production of large and heavy parts in Heavy Fabrication factories. When these methods are done properly and with the right equipment, fabricators can produce high quality heavy metal parts.