The most common reasons people turn to lawn sprinkler system repair professionals. more days and it will be June, just a few weeks shy of the official start of the summer. This is one of the happiest times for most Americans, as it means the end of the long, cold winter and the beginning of vacations, days at the beach, afternoons in the park, and greenery. Of course, much of the greenery that people see in their neighborhoods and parks wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for irrigation or sprinkler systems. These systems ensure that a person’s yard gets an even distribution of water and also ensures that homeowners don’t have to go out in their yard and drag a hose around to get everything watered. Much of the greenery that people have come to love simply wouldn’t be possible without these sprinkler systems.

Of course, any system like this has to be maintained and repaired as needed, and this time of the year is the most common for such things. Since most homeowners don’t run their sprinkler system at all during the winter, they lay dormant for several months of the year. That means that when the warmer months like June roll around and homeowners go to turn their system on, they might see a couple of issues that weren’t there when they turn it off last September. Here are some of the most common reasons people turn to lawn sprinkler system repair professionals in the late spring/early summer.

For starters, if homeowners don’t do a good enough job of getting the water out of their irrigation lines when the winter comes, then the water in them can expand and cause the lines to rupture. This means that when you go to turn your sprinkler system on in the spring there are going to be leaks all over your system. The repairs are easy enough to make. The company you hire will simply dig up these portions of the line, cut them at each end, put a new piece of line the middle, seal them together and call it good. It doesn’t take long, but it does mean they might have to dig up a huge chunk of the entire system just to find the break. This is why so many irrigation system installation companies will first blow air through the system to see if there’s a huge decrease in pressure. This can help them see if there are holes in the lines before they even turn the water on.

Another common reason for homeowners to hire lawn sprinkler system repair professionals is to make sure that their times and sprinkler heads are working properly and are still lined up correctly. These are two ways to make sure that homeowners aren’t wasting water by watering in the middle of the afternoon or by spraying their sidewalk.

If it’s time for you to have your irrigation system checked, make sure you find a great company to do so. Ronco Irrigation in Virginia is one such company, with decades of experience in the industry.