The variety that is window shutters

A popular choice in window coverings is the plantation shutter.  This window covering choice is more functional and less expensive than many other choices.  In addition, window shutters often increase the property value of your home because they stay with the house when it is sold.

There are three types of shutters and they are named based on the material they are made from which is either vinyl, composite, or wood.  While white is the most popular color, they can be stained in other colors.  These window treatments can be made to look either casual or elegant. It depends on where they are hung along with your style.


Vinyl shutters come in three different varieties. They can be hollow, structured hollow, or solid.  Hollow is the least expensive choice. However, it has been known to warp over time.  Structured hollow is better because there is a vinyl skeleton inserted to support the shutter’s weight.  However, they can still warp over time.  Therefore, solid vinyl shutters are the most stable and are still considered relatively inexpensive. So, if cost is an issue, it is best to purchase shutters that are solid vinyl and have an aluminum insert.  These window shutters offer the support of metal and have a light profile.


Another choice is that of vinyl-clad wood.  These shutters have a wood frame that is wrapped in vinyl. They offer the strength and durability of wood with the benefits of vinyl, which increases moisture resistance.


Composite shutters are also called engineered wood, fake wood or faux wood.  They are made of a product known as MDF and are wrapped in vinyl or PVC. They are sturdy, as well as both weather and humidity resistant. Additionally, while not as inexpensive as most vinyl shutters, composite shutters offer an affordable alternative to wood shutters.


Wood shutters are the most expensive choice in window shutters and basswood is the most costly because it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio. It is extremely light and incredibly strong.  Unlike its vinyl and composite cousins, which are prefabricated into specific styles and colors, wood shutters can be custom made to any shape, size, and color you choose.


Regardless of the type of window shutter you choose, you will get a pretty and economical product that adds style to your home and will last for years to come.  Furthermore, shutters are easy to clean and maintain.  The only thing you need is a vacuum. Just use it on them once a week to keep them looking new.  You should do a full cleaning monthly, or as needed based on dirt and dust build up. This means using soap and water or whatever cleaner is recommended by your seller.


When purchasing window shutters or any custom window treatment, it is best to let the company that you are purchasing them come and measure your windows.  This will ensure that you get the perfect fit and look for your home. By doing it yourself, you risk getting it wrong and ending up with an expensive mistake.