We begin our list of reasons why custom jewelers are becoming so popular with the fact that the few large diamond sellers which once controlled the market are no longer running the show. Up until the last 80’s there were five large diamond sellers in the USA which sold almost 90 percent of all of the diamonds in this country. The diamond industry has always been a hard one to break into for smaller dealers, given the fact that diamonds come from a very few, select countries who have had exclusive trade agreements with large companies for generations. Fifteen years ago, when custom jewelers started to appear all across the country, the near monopoly on diamonds was finally broken as the number of independent jewelers became large enough to start and import their own diamonds from the main diamond suppliers. During the first few years of the transition, it was very difficult for small companies to supply independent jewelers because the large diamond dealers tried their very best to drive them out of business however, they held tight and eventually became strong enough to compete with the big boys. It is thanks to this vital shift in the nature of the diamond industry that we are seeing such a huge number of custom jewelers operating today.

The internet has also helped push custom jewelers forward in the market today. Online sites such as,, are essential sales points for smaller jewelers who might otherwise have a place to sell their custom products. Online sites make it possible for people all over the country to purchase custom jewelry such as custom engagement rings, even when they are not located in an area with a custom jeweler maker. People all over the country and especially in rural arear are taking advantage of the chance to buy custom jewelry pieces from online sellers. The online dealers have also made the purchase of diamond jewelry more easily obtainable by using their large number of sales, as well as their ability to pay lower taxes in order to make the jewelry more affordable for the customer. Jewelry items which only a very select group of people might have been able to afford ten years ago are not obtainable to a much broader group of people.

The culture today is one in which people desire custom goods of all kinds. We live in a consumer market in which the more specifically targets an item is, the better it sells and nothing is as specific as custom made items such as custom jewelry. In the olden days if a man wanted to ask for a woman’s hand in marriage he would probably have gotten her the same ring as most other men were purchasing at the time, and though nothing of it. Today people want their symbols of love, like wedding and engagement rings, to be an intimate reflection of who their love. Nearly half of all wedding rings sold today are designed by the customer, and that number is only going up each year.