Top 5 most famous loose diamonds

loose diamonds

Diamonds are a symbol of wealth, status and luxury in almost all parts of the world. Many people across the world sport diamond engagement rings, pendants, tennis bracelets, brooches or earrings, for both style and pleasure. Diamonds are synonymous with class in many countries and many people prioritize having at least one piece of diamond jewelry in their collection. Though diamonds in these settings are a common sight, there are a few loose diamonds in the world of particular prestige and awe. Have you ever been to a museum and gone the gemstone exhibit? Have you ever been blown away by the size, brilliance and quality of gemstones, unsure if you can even believe that something so lovely was found in a mine? You are not alone. While it is hard to fathom, some of the most beautiful diamonds have come from deep in the Earth and the chances of stumbling upon them have been slim to none, making their discovery all the more amazing. Over hundreds of years, people have been searching for diamonds, hoping that they will be lucky enough to discover the next big thing. Here are five of the most famous diamonds ever found:

  1. Chloe Diamond- Weighing in at nearly 85 carats, the colorless Chloe Diamond was found in Angola. It was sold at a Sotheby’s auction in Geneva, Switzerland ten years ago (in 2007) to the founder of the popular clothing line, Guess. This man, Georges Marciano, purchased the diamond for 18.2 million Swiss francs (nearly 18.4 American dollars) making it the second highest priced diamond ever sold in an auction.
  2. Hope Diamond- This is probably the most well known diamond due to the fame it received after the movie Titanic came out. The Hope Diamond, now on display at the Smithsonian Museum, weighs approximately 45 carats and is a lovely blue grey color. It was found in India and legend has it that this diamond is cursed…which probably explains why it was used in cinema.
  3. Eureka Diamond- The Eureka Diamond was the first diamond ever to be found in South Africa (thus the name). It was found at a little over 21 carats but was later sent to be cut, where it ended up at about 10.7 carats total. Found by a young teenage boy in the 1860’s the Eureka diamond has an unmistakeable brownish yellow color.
  4. Cullinan Diamond- Coming in at an astounding 3106.75 carats, the Cullinan Diamond is the largest diamond ever found. It was discovered in 1905 in South Africa, this colorless, gem quality diamond was later cut into more than 100 smaller diamonds, two of which are now part of the Crown Jewels.
  5. Lesedi la Rona- A colorless diamond found in Botswana, the Lesedi la Rona weighs an impressive 1111 carats and is famed for being the second largest diamond ever discovered.

While custom engagement ringsnecklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches and more are popular pieces of jewelry and a way to display a diamond, there are many in the world that are so large or impressive that they remained in museums or part of collections of historic diamonds.