Top 5 things residents of senior living facilities don’t miss

senior assisted living

Often times when elderly people are about to move to senior living facilities, they are nervous and agitated. They are worried about giving up their independence or being viewed as someone who needs help and cannot function on their own. This is an extremely natural response and one that many children of elderly people report experiencing. It is completely understandable that someone who has spent their whole lives taking care of themselves would be wary of living in a place where everything was done for them instead. While this is a common sentiment before moving into a senior assisted living facility, when asked again after having lived in the facility for a while, many residents are overjoyed by the fact that they no longer have to do tasks like cooking and cleaning. In many cases, they have realized that they now have more time to do the things they love like read, play cards, do art and watch movies. When asked, here are the things that residents at senior living facilities identified as things they do not miss.

  1. Driving- Many seniors are so glad they no longer have to worry about driving. As people get older, driving gets more difficult for a variety of reasons. This could be worsening vision or slower reflexes, both of which can make driving stressful and unenjoyable. Seniors also don’t miss paying for gas, paying to get their cars fixed and maintained, getting stuck in traffic and worrying about parking at any location they go to.
  2. Cooking- Even seniors who previously loved to cook say that it has been nice having other people cook for them for a change. Much of this revolves around the fact that they no longer have to go to the store, spend hours in front of a stove followed by mountains of dishes. Some have said that it feels like they go to a restaurant every day, which seems pretty decadent and luxurious.
  3. Household chores- Seniors overwhelmingly noted that they do not miss mundane chores like mopping, sweeping, cleaning gutters, shoveling driveways and vacuuming. These are task that most people are not particularly fond of so it makes sense that residents of memory care assisted living facilities would name it as something they didn’t’ miss.
  4. Struggling with technology- Many residents who lived alone prior to moving into the facility said that they struggled with technology often like computers and remote controls. After living in the facility, however, there is always staff around to help with those types of things. Many said it is less frustrating and they do not miss being frustrated with technology.
  5. Working- Naturally, residents have come to appreciate being retired.They spend the majority of their days doing things they love like reading and playing games and talking to friends. This is miles better than working a stressful job and having to sacrifice a social life to succeed.

Even if they were initially resistant, many residents of senior living facilities eventually realized how much it benefited their health, happiness and well-being to live in an assisted living facility. The mundane tasks of their former life were identified by many as things they did not miss at all.