Top reasons why social media helps e-commerce

So, you have your glorious and function e-commerce website up and running. It is truly a sight to behold, and you know that you are being successful. Still, there is room to grow, as there always is in business. As they say, if you are not growing then you are falling behind, and in today’s digitally driven world you want to be sure that you are constantly growing and evolving to fit the needs of your customers and the world around you. You have already engaged in the typical digital marketing routes. You work with your website development company to create a powerful pay per click advertising campaign and you have a search engine optimization strategy in place. Still, you find yourself wondering, “Now what?” Where do you go from here? These are important questions, and until you truly invest the time in asking those questions, you might find yourself stuck without the kind of long term marketing strategy that you have been hoping for to make the most of your website design. That’s why working with an expert website development company like the team at Design’s with Merit can help you really turn around your marketing strategy. Perhaps there is nothing bad about your current plan, but it needs some extra hutzpah to get going. That is where a powerful social media marketing campaign can play a big role. You might wonder why social media should factor in, or even how it can be used to impact sales and web traffic. That’s why¬†Designs with Merit can help you: they can set up a plan to get your e-commerce business involved in the social media world. Here are a few of the most important reasons why you should invest in social media marketing:

  • According to Experian, 27% of the time that people in the United States spend is spent on social networking sites. That is over a quarter of the collective hours in the day for citizens of the United States. While that is disturbing on some level, it is also encouraging. This means that you have an easily accessible way to reach people for over a quarter of the their time. This is an even higher percentage if you calculate the hours that a person is awake. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of the opportunity?
  • HubSpot notes that social media is more powerful than trade shows, pay per click advertising, direct mailers, and telemarketing in getting marketing leads. The best part about this simple fact is that social media also is largely free! Certainly you can invest budget money in tools to make the process more powerful, but you do not have to spend the same kind of money that you would in other arenas. This is really important information to have an important to remember as you consider how best to reach your audience.
  • Finally, a study from eMarketer shows that consumers often use social media to discover new brands; this happened 33% of the time in the study. The answers are right in front of you! Use social media!
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