Trailing Wife Made Easy with Baby Carriers

Life has been different since I decided to be a trailing spouse because Terry is in the military service and every tour of duty meant moving to a new state, or another country.

I sip tea as I look out of the window, watching the field and the trees beyond it turn a different hue as fall approaches. Living in Ramstein, Germany has been a major change in our lives. It is a pleasant place to raise a family, but then they speak another language and unless you are in the base all the time, you would need to learn a few things.

I look at Mary, who is right now staring at me with her bubbly brown eyes and endearing smile, as she settles in the baby wrap that has been such a big help to me. I guess this one is a better baby carrier, a solly baby wrap than the harness type of baby wraps. It’s already cold anyway, so a baby snuggled close to my chest is a pleasant way of spending the afternoon.

baby wraps

baby carrier

Now, I am not complaining. Europe is a great place to be in, because of the rich cultural experience one can have there. We will be here in the next three years, with Terry flying somewhere in the middle East for his medical missions. I know he is safe since he spend this time in the hospitals but I still worry, being far away from home myself.

It’s a good thing my eldest is already 9 years old. She has become my assistant, friend, and daughter all rolled into one. She is learning German, while I do the same. She is faring  much better than me and Terry. Oh well, survival German is all I need. I can never figure out why a turnip has a gender in their language.

Next week, Terry will be home and we are off to Paris and Poland. I know I want pottery in Poland but Paris is an altogether different experience. We are going to the Louvre of course, then kiss on every bridge, two kids and all. I can’t sip alcohol yet, what with the breastfeeding and taking care of everyone. I need all the energy I can muster to do everything here.

It’s a good thing Germany is so efficient. This country rocks. They have recycling and waste management down to a science and what’s better is they are teaching it in school. A three year old would know which bin to throw the garbage into!

As a trailing spouse, I cannot really work because for one thing, I am a single parent most of the time. I get involved in Carla’s school and I have developed friendships with other trailing spouses. Because we know our time together is limited, we make it a point to really spend time to get to know each other, share good times, and explore Europe. They have become my soul sisters here, and I know that I have life long friends in them.