Understanding the Function of Home Automation

Do you know what home automation is? You have probably heard of that term while going around shopping for gadgets and appliances or while reading some tech article online. Basically the idea of home automation is to allow the gadgets, devices, and appliances to synchronize with each other while being connected through a network and system which allows you to operate them remotely through a control device and be able to monitor them even while out of the house all using your smart phone.

Home Automation

home system network

The basic tech of home automation isn’t new, you can find it in your Christmas lights that can be plugged and set to a certain lighting pattern. Today, many tech companies and manufacturers have developed that tech going beyond pretty lights and produce products that are useful in our household. All this makes one feel like we are already living in the future, and while we were so used to be involved in operating our devices and appliances, one can only wonder how home automation works.

To help you get a better perspective, try to think of home automation like our own body. In a way, how our body functions is amazing and the same basic principle is being used in a home automation system. As humans, we have senses and once these are activated signal from our brain facilitate our muscles as to how to react. An example of this would be you dodging an incoming object. You saw it and your brain forced your body to dodge. This process involved thee stages, information, processing, and reaction.

The same thing applies with home automation systems, the programming of the devices process information given to it so that it may react or perform a specific action. First the gadget or device has to be supplied with information to process. This is where sensors come in. You can find that a lot of the appliances (lighting, security, temperature) in our household are fitted with sensors to make it home automated.

The sensors connected to the different devices act as its senses and the entire home automation system is like the nervous system transmitting data to the central control or your smart phone and tablet. Let’s focus on the HVAC system for you to understand how the system works. Once you have set the optimum temperature for your home using your phone, the system will try to maintain that temperature. This is done by sensing the temperature inside the house and the sensors send that data so that the HVAC system can make the right adjustments.

As mentioned, there is a central control which is the brain of the home automation system and this comes in the form of the hub. Through the hub, the entire system and network is completed allowing all the different gadgets and devices to connect to each other including the sensors. You can know what is going on in your home by connecting the hub to your smart phone allowing you to monitor everything and make any desired adjustments.