Why hire auto repair marketing gurus

You went through all of the training and are now a certified car repair person.  Congratulations.  You have decided to open up your own shop.  That is a terrific idea.  You scouted out what you believe to be the best location and even drummed a bit of business by convincing your family, friends, and neighbors to bring in their cars for either free or an extremely discounted price.


There is only one problem.  Beyond the dancing balloon that you cleverly placed in front of your new shop, and the flags that say, “Grand Opening” on them, you have no idea how to attract more customers and let the world, or, at least, your little area of it, know that you are there and anxious to get their cars in tip top shape.  So, while you are busy doing what you do best and getting greasy under the hood, it may be in your best interest to hire auto repair marketing gurus who know how to get cars rolling in.


By hiring professionals, you will be able to get your website up and running and looking its best, complete a direct mailing, put an ad in the local newspaper as well as on TV and on the local radio stations.  In addition, those that know auto repair advertising can make it so that your business is at the top of most search engine results pages.

First and foremost, you need to have a professional website.  This website needs to be keyword rich, have the right information on it and load in under four seconds.  It should include pictures and videos of your garage in action.  It should also include estimated prices and a place for potential clients to set up appointments.  In addition, your website should have coupons and deals, a place for reviews and a blog with information for car owners to share with others.


The website should be supported by social media campaigns that can also be run by the auto repair marketing gurusThey will ensure that the business’s presence on Facebook and Twitter is responsive to your followers needs, is informative, and has a place or a link for reviews and resources for car owners.  In addition, the auto repair marketing company may convince you to set up a YouTube page for educational videos your followers can watch.


You social media presence should link back to your webpage.  This way, more people who are looking to get their cars serviced will find you while researching on the internet.  The more people who click on your company’s web page, the higher up you will go on the search results.  Many people do not go past the first three results and those that do usually do not get past the first page, so search results standings are important.


Another important part of auto repair advertising is claiming the business’s pages on Yelp, Google, and Yahoo.  This will enable you and the company you hire for advertising and marketing to ensure all of the information is correct and says what you want it to say.  It will also make it so you can post coupons and other information on those pages, as well.