Why you should buy a brushed nickel light for each bathroom in your home.

http://www.homedepot.com/p/Glomar-3-Light-Brushed-Nickel-Incandescent-Wall-Vanity-Light-HD-342/202503374Now that the winter is over, homeowners across the United States are starting to create their to-do lists of projects for the summer. There’s just something about the longer days and the warmer temperatures that gives people more energy to tackle some of the things they’ve been meaning to get done. It’s the most common type of year for people to clear out their garages, wash their cars, get some landscaping done, renovate part of their home, finish their basement, add onto their house, and so much more. Of course, many homeowners don’t have anything that drastic on their list. Instead, a large chunk of them are just hoping to get new window treatments put in or to finally pain their spare bedroom a better color.

One of the smaller jobs that many homeowners take part in during the summer is fixing up their bathroom. This doesn’t mean renovating the whole thing, but instead might mean swapping out the shower curtain for a glass door or replacing the faucets on the sink. One of the smaller jobs that you could do that will drastically impact the way your bathrooms look is to replace every light fixture with a brushed nickel light. If you’re unfamiliar, a brushed nickel light fixture is simply one that is made of brushed nickel, a type of metal that is rather flat and lacking luster. It’s become incredibly popular in homes recently because it goes well with anything while not being too shiny. More and more people are beginning to like the subtle types of home decor, which means that fixtures like the brushed nickel vanity light are selling like hot cakes.

If you’re looking to make some changes in your home but you don’t want to spend a huge sum of money or spend weeks working on a project, then installing brushed nickel lights in your bathrooms might be the thing for you. For starters, each individual light can be found for as little as about $60. That means that if you have four bathrooms that you want to work on you’re talking well under $300 for the whole project. Second, while they might seem like a rather small thing, they can have a huge impact on the way your bathroom looks. Not only will you have a new light fixture in each bathroom which itself helps improve the aesthetic, but you’ll also get much better light. It’s incredible just how much a little bit of light can change how a specific room looks.

Another big reason why you should consider adding a brushed nickel 3 light vanity light to every bathroom is that it won’t take long to get each one installed. Literally it might take only a few hours to actually get one of them put up, so it’s a job you could complete over a weekend. Take some time to look online to see just how much adding one of these lights can do to the way your bathrooms look. It’s a great way to spruce up your home quickly.